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About Annie

Annie2Annie’s story began in the early 1900s on a cotton plantation in the deep South. Hard times meant that education took a back seat to basic needs, as working on the family plantation became a way of life for her and her 17 siblings. These humble beginnings instilled a sense of grit and brawn that would forever be her traveling companions.

Eventually, Annie set out to make her place in the world. A firm believer in the power of family, she considers kin among her most cherished blessings.  Annie provided for her 7 children with the small country store she owned. The strength and diligence she earned as a child fueled her every move.

While small in stature, her personality looms large. But don’t be fooled by her diminutive frame. At 4’ 10” tall, Annie is a force to be reckoned with. She recalls how, late one night, an intruder made the mistake of entering her place of business. His ill-intentions were met with the barrel of a gun nearly as tall as Annie herself. He fled unharmed, with a strong reminder to never again underestimate the brazen broad behind the counter.

But behind all the moxie, Annie has a soft touch. A caregiver at heart, her kindness shines through in her boundless generosity. She’d give you the shirt off her back, even if it revealed the fact that she stuffs her bra.

Annie Unleashed:photo1

  • With an insatiable need for adventure, Annie lives each day as if it were her last.
  • Though a faithful church-goer, she’s not averse to a little gossip when a story needs to be told.
  • Nothing can keep her from jumping on stage and belting out her beloved ballads.
  • Annie always drives above the speed limit, perched on the edge of her seat so that she can see over the steering wheel.
  • Her closet is bursting with animal print duds and rhinestone studded garb.
  • She never leaves home without a face full of makeup or her NRA card.
  • She can drain a flask with the best of ‘em
  • We’ve never seen her blush.
  • She’s bossy, funny, and boisterous.
  • She considers every stranger as a friend she hasn’t met yet.
  • She’s never met a rule she hasn’t bent.
  • She doesn’t believe in fitting in or playing small.

A ten-gallon hat tip to Annie for reminding us to always stay true to who we are and that honoring ourselves is an act of bravery, not selfishness.

Her dedication to self-love led her to create a line of luxuriant body care. Dirty Annie offers an extensive caboodle of concoctions with a blend to suit any personality. And, each and every item comes ready for gifting, individually wrapped in our sassy, signature packaging.

Annie3So, go ahead and indulge. And remember Annie’s mantra:

Embrace yourself.

Ride free.

Be fearless… and just a little bit feared.

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