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Howdy y’all. Welcome to Dirty Annie’s, home of the most delicious soaps, scrubs, and lotions west of the Mississippi. Our exclusive line is unlike any you’ve experienced. The superior formulas are rich with luxury and drenched in quality.

They don’t call us The Best Little Soaphouse in Texas for nothin’.

Our matriarch ‘Dirty Annie’ founded the company with a singular mission: to provide indulgent body care for women who are as brassy as they are classy. Plucky gals who understand the fine art of pampering.

  • Carefully concentrated scrubs won’t get rinsed down the drain before the sloughing begins.
  • Luxe lotions gently cloak your skin with no sticky residue.
  • Signature soaps boast silken suds and full-bodied, expressive aromas.
Before you can get clean, you’ve got to Get Dirty.

Made in Texas, right here in the Good Ole US of A.


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